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Turfcoach, the revolutionizing startup in the sportstech world that uses AI to control the grass on soccer fields

The World Football Summit, the largest global innovation meeting, has awarded its annual awards in which it has rewarded, among others, turfcoach, a startup specialized in grass management.

The Best Sportstech Startup award, which recognizes the “most promising and innovative startups that offer sports organizations exceptional solutions to support them in their transition and transformation,” has gone this year to turfcoach.

The German startup, founded by Christian Theil, has developed a platform based on artificial intelligence that reduces costs , increases useful time on the playing field and reduces injuries .

The history of this small company was born by Christian Theil after extensive research into how football clubs managed their grass . This manager, fervently passionate about caring for the environment, had previously worked at the United Nations as a sustainable development consultant and as head of bio-economy Agranimo, another German startup specialized in digital microclimate control to improve performance and climate adaptation of fresh products.

turfcoach Deck

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