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End-to-end management

with our turf data software

Optimising grounds management, infrastructure integrations, and team performance with innovative solutions

Your pitch maintenance data is recorded via our COACH software.   

Connect to your infrastructure to benefit from our CLIMATE Smart Control.

Scan with our Green Rover to gather
unique insights for your FOOTBALL IQ.

Our AI in the Coach software processes the data and provides recommendations 

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Data Platform

Coach software allows for precision management of your sports turf based on data-driven recommendations. It stores, records and analyses every aspect of pitch maintenance in our turf data software to give AI recommendations for turf management.


Smart Control

Integrate the local infrastructure to optimise resource usage with our turf data software.

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Green Rover

Benefit from our unique sensor that scans the entire surface to provide high-density data in our turf data software. This complete pitch view empowers you to include turf data in your game analytics.

With these new technologies, we can compare data, develop unique features and provide novel insights.

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