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Our Artificial Intelligence for 



Connecting turf properties with player and ball behaviour for novel insights that make your team win.

Grounds Team

Precision maintenance of the pitch using turf models based on weather and usage and improve staff and machines management by tracking all activities.


Using turf data to enhance the usage of all infrastructure and create more events and further engagement with the fans of the clubs.


For Grounds Team

Our turf data saves time, resources and money, assisting grounds managers in their daily turf maintenance activities.

For Operations

Protecting your key assets on each pitch, adding games and events in stadiums, as well as engaging fans with new pitch data - all from one source of data.

For Performance

turfcoach collects and visualises turf data, essential to offer players recommendations and teams insights to adapt training strategies and gameplay tactics.

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Our Solutions

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Data Platform

Turf management software features an intuitive design and AI-driven insights to support grounds managers in their daily decision-making.



Smart Control

Integration via API to the club infrastructure such as weather stations, undersoil heating and  irrigation system, allowing for a smart control of the turf.

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Green Rover

Innovative sensor that scans the pitch non-invasively collecting data on critical ground properties to improve football performance.

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