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Turf is essential to

Movement, Tactics and Workload

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of the team's performance can be influenced by the pitch conditions

higher frequency of high-intensity shuffling on softer surface

of the footballers relate injuries to the pitch




Data on pitch quality is essential to inform players and teams for optimal performance

Movement Patterns

Players running and turning abilities, as well as the ball roll speed and ball bounce are influenced by the surface.


Tactical Insights

Traction of players on the pitch, as well as the gameplay speed and  strategy are influenced by the surface.


Workload Monitoring

Rise in excessive back-to-back matches is leading to an ever-increasing player workload. The playing surface affects player biomechanics and subsequent workload.

Our turf data technology is also made for:

Grounds Team

Our predictive intelligence allows grounds managers to reduce resource usage and improve quality


Events and additional games to promote sports require optimal maintenance to engage fans

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